Susanna Bauman1

b. say 1712
Last Edited=24 Dec 2011
6th great-grandmother of Joseph Michael Flint
Pedigree for Joseph Michael Flint
     Susanna Bauman was born say 1712. Birth year estimate based on the assumption she was 20 years old when she married Robert Flint. That Susanna was the daughter of Johan Adam Bauman is an opinion of Jones based on the data availabe to him. That Susanna was the daughter of Anna Margaretha Lapp is my opiniom based on her estimated birth year and the mariage date of Anna Margaretha Lapp and Johan Adam Bauman. It is also possible tha she was the daughter of Adam's first wife Susanna Dresch.1 She was the daughter of Johan Adam Bauman and Anna Margaretha Lapp.1

Susanna Bauman married Robert Flint on 1 January 1732 at Schoharie, New York.2,3

Children of Susanna Bauman and Robert Flint


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