This page represents my first effort to represent genealogical information on a map. It uses the Google Maps API and Javascript and I had all kinds of good clean geek fun putting it together. I attended a presentation at the 2008 NGS convention in Kansas City on Google Earth and Genealogy. In my opinion Google Earth is a better tool to represent genealogical information geographically. At the end of this paragraph are two links. One will download my Google Earth file and optionally launch Google Earth. The other will take the same file and launch Google Maps on the web. Google Earth does a better job in some cases but Google Maps does give a different perspective. GE GM Also keep an eye out for these two icons in the rest of the site. I'm starting to add links to sub sets of the main Google Earth file for individual events.

If you don't have Google Earth on you machine you can download for free here: Google Earth

A Journey Across the Continent
This map shows how the surnames of my eight great grandparents moved across the country

Jacob C Blake's Flagstaff Arizona