N. J. Layton Clerk of the District Court1

Last Edited=3 Sep 2011
     N. J. Layton Clerk of the District Court on 15 January 1912 witnessed the obtaing of property located in Flagstaff, Coconino County, Arizona Territory by means of a Trustee's Deed by Jacob C Blake from Robert J Kidd Trustee, Flagstaff Townsite. Described as Lot 1 in Block 8W of the townsite of Flagstaff.1


  1. Coconino County, Arizonza, Deed Record, 38: 474, R. J. Kidd. Trustee to J C Blake, Trustee's Deed, 15 Jan 1912, Recorder's Office, Flagstaff, digital image by Joseph M Flint, 20 Oct 2006.