Margaret Schuler1

Last Edited=24 Sep 2010
3rd great-grandaunt of Joseph Michael Flint
     Margaret Schuler was the daughter of Henry Schuler and Elizabeth (?).1


  1. Vi P. Limric, History: 1826: Genealogical Data contained in the Statutes at Large, Commonwealth of PA ( : accessed 24 Sep 2010), "Item 92" That SAMUEL SHULER, MARGARET CHAPMAN, ROBERT SHULER and ELIZABETH SHULER, illegitimate children of HENRY SHULER, and Elizabeth Shuler his wife, of the county of Lycoming, are hereby made legitimate with all the rights of persons born in lawful wedlock, as if they had been born in lawful wedlock, and all the rights which this commonwealth may have acquired to the real and personal estate of Henry Shuler, dec., is hereby released to Samuel Shuler, Margaret Chapman, Robert Shuler and Elizabeth Shuler. 10 Apr 1826.