Catharina Elisabetha Nellis1,2

b. 26 November 1706, d. 30 March 1754
Last Edited=2 Jun 2013
7th great-grandmother of Joseph Michael Flint
Pedigree for Joseph Michael Flint
     Catharina Elisabetha Nellis was born at Sitters, Parish of Obermoschel, Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire. GE GM .2 She was baptized on 26 November 1706 at The Catholic Church, Parish of Obermoschel, Palatinate, Holy Roman Empire, Special permission was given for her to be baptised because her father was not a Catholic.2 She was the daughter of Rupert Nellis and Maria Elizabeth Bundt.2

Catharina Elisabetha Nellis married Johann Jacob Kraus, son of Hans Jacob Kraus and Anna Maria (?), on 24 August 1724.1

Catharina Elisabetha Nellis died on 30 March 1754 at age 47.1

Children of Catharina Elisabetha Nellis and Johann Jacob Kraus


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