Esek Brown1

b. 8 March 1679, d. 4 December 1772
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7th great-grandfather of Joseph Michael Flint
Pedigree for Joseph Michael Flint
     Esek Brown was born on 8 March 1679 at Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island.2 He was the son of James Brown and Elizabeth Carr.2,3

Esek Brown married Mercy Carr, daughter of Caleb Carr and Deborah (?), on 29 November 1705 at Jamestown, Newport County, Rhode Island.1

In 1715 Esek moved from Newport to Gardner's Neck in Swansee, Bristol County, Massachusetts.4

Esek Brown died on 4 December 1772 at Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts, at age 93.1

On 12 December 1772 in Providence, Rhode island, Providence Gazette published the following:

Last Friday departed this life, and on Monday followinf were decently interred, the Remains of Esek Brown, Esq; in the 94th year of his Age. During a long and painful illness, his Prayer to God was, that he might enjoy the proper Exercise of his Reason, maintain under his Distress a true Christian Magnanimity and Patience, and that God would grant him a comfortable Passage fron this, to a Life of Blessednes above; in all which, his surviving Family have Reason to bebelieve God answered his Requests. he has left, to mourn his Loss, a disconsolate Widow, with whom he had lifed 69 years, the only Wife he ever had. He had descended from him 11 Children, 112 Grandchildren, 127 Greatgrandchilderen in all 253, of which 2001 are now living; 73 Children and Grandchildren, of which the former are all living, attended his funeral, and gave this Account of the Family from their own Mouths. He was more than 60 Years a regular Member of the Baptist Church, and also of the House of commons in the Massachusetts-Bay for 14 years; he also sustained several other Offices in the Town, the Duties of which he discharged with great Fidelity; bur amidst all his Connections on Life, what was very remarkable, he never had an Action in Law, for Or against him. The Coffin in which he was buried was made of Black Cherry-Tree Boards, of a Tree he brought in his own Hand, on Horseback, from Rhode Island. He was a loving Husband, a tender Parent, a kind master, a good Neighbour, and, what crowns all, a pious Christian.5

Children of Esek Brown and Mercy Carr


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